If we’re asked what sets Aquinna Homes apart from its competitors, our answer is our thinking.

Aquinna Homes is a South East England residential developer based in Beaconsfield, Buckinghamshire dedicated to providing innovative solutions and exemplary customer service.

Since it was founded in 2004 by Stephen Brazier, Aquinna Homes plc has built over 500 homes in over 50 great locations across London and the South East. Simon Seymour joined Stephen as a main board director in 2004, and we have since built up a dedicated team of experts. The team has extensive experience of the housing market, including at main board level at Bovis Homes and Taylor Woodrow and Miller Group.

Aquinna Homes is currently building exceptional homes throughout London, Buckinghamshire, Surrey, Sussex, Hampshire, Kent, Berkshire and Oxfordshire.

We look forward to introducing you to an Aquinna Homes property soon.


Quality, value and integrity are the hallmarks of all Aquinna Homes and this is reflected in everything we do from the time we purchase land to looking after our customers before and after they have moved in.

We benefit from being a small team of experts – experienced and responsive. This enables us to think about our business in a different altogether more creative way and find solutions that others would never contemplate. We therefore offer a refreshing new approach to home building within the aspirational section of the residential market.

“...providing innovative solutions and exemplary customer service. ”


The thought processes that make our developments so prominent inside and out are there for all to witness; a rejection of the ordinary, the predictable and the formulaic in favour of the exciting, the unconventional and the challenging.

“...pushing the boundaries of design, of materials and construction.”


All of our developments are unique. Every aspect of them represents a new challenge and every challenge demands an original and inspirational solution. Our aim is always to surpass our previous efforts – pushing the boundaries of design, of materials and construction. For us there is no status quo, no repetitive formulas.